NorthCode Technology

An onshore partner for Talent Solutions, Software Development, and Technology Consulting

Proudly Canadian


Our Vision

NorthCode Technology helps Canadian companies execute critical IT projects by giving them access to world-class tech talent that is on-demand and on-shore in Canada


Our Services

Product development

  • Software Engineering and Reverse Engineering

  • Legacy Application

  • Web & App Technology

  • SWIFT & Payments Applications

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Content Management

  • Document Management Application Integrations

  • MS SharePoint

  • Web & App Integration for seamless content flows

Tech Watch

Digital Transformation ( BFSI )

  • Financial Institutions predominantly in Banking

  • Commercial & Retail Banking

  • Seamless integrations 

  • Regulations & Compliance

  •  SUPPORT services with  ITIL framework

Computer Chip

Data analysis

  • Data Warehousing Tools

  • Reporting Tools

  • Web & App Integration for seamless content flows

Analysing data

Why NorthCode ?

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Speed & Turnaround Time 

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Culture and Learning





As an onshore Canadian IT Consulting organization, we react quickly to our clients' project needs with on-demand tech resources and consulting services.

Through a focus on continuous learning and professional development, NorthCode engineers stand at the cutting edge of technical skillsets, ensuring project success.

Our team of highly experienced software engineers helps our clients meet their tech talent needs on a project-based or ongoing basis.


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We bring our extensive knowledge in Financial Technology (Fintech) to help banking and insurance businesses reduce costs and optimize operations.

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We help e-Commerce operations go from idea to launch in 

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Other Sectors

At Northcode, our specialization to reduce the present and future IT cost to your organization by making it simple and thin technology architecture.

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NorthCode is a software solution provider that will help in boosting many startups and helping out with the Financial domains pertaining to Payments, SWIFT and Mobile Payments. Payments and financial grounds are the key elements of any business or startup. So we understand the requirements of a freshly started business and work around their needs. Contact NorthCode to know more about our services.

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Technology solution

Helping businesses around the world

NorthCode's vision is to help Canadian companies succeed by giving them access to world-class tech talent that is on-demand, cost-effective, and most importantly - based right here in Canada.